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  1. Hello Natasha 🙂 I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I’m so thankful I did. The way you write about infertility is very real and beautifully raw, and it really catches my heart. I so appreciate your honesty. I’m 44 years old and still hoping (waiting) to be a mom, but the weird thing is we’re not trying. My husband is 58 and is adamant that he is too old to be raising babies – if we had met 20 years ago, he would have wanted a house full of children. I pray that God will change his heart, and I hope for a little miracle every month. I’ve been living my life, as they say, two weeks at a time, until two weeks ago. It’s like my heart finally really got what it is to completely trust God with this, and I felt joyful & free. My circumstances haven’t changed, in fact they’ve gotten worse as far as my husband’s refusal to have children. I love how you talk about this hard thing in front of me being a heart issue, and that surrender is the only way to get rid of bitterness. I just wanted to say hello (also from a small town in Northern NY), and tell you how much I appreciate this blog. I’m sure you are thoroughly enjoying your children everyday after having waited for them for so long! ❤
    thank you again, Carolyn

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