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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    HI Natasha,

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry your family had to deal with all that trauma. I hope and pray things are very much improved now though. We have some friends who had a similar thing happen with one of their adopted kids. They adopted two girls, one who was my very best friend growing up, the other one they adopted later when the girl was 5. Unfortunately, this girl they adopted later they had to permanently remove from their home. Or rather, the State actually came and GOT her. My best friend wasn’t the same anymore. I last saw the girl they adopted as a 5 year old 20 years ago, and I remember seeing things then that now make sense. My best friend who is adopted puts me to shame in how well she is doing in her walk with the Lord, but she does inspire me to do better. We still pray for our friends’ other adopted daughter though since she came from a VERY troubled past.

    Keep up the good work Natasha! I really enjoy reading your posts.

    In Christ,

  2. Oh, so powerful. My heart broke the day we had to have one of our daughters live with family because of behavioral and illness with our other daughter. It is the most heart wrenching decision. Your words are so true, and spoke me me deeply. Thank you.

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