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  1. Hi Natasha, I’ve had this tab open for several days now and wanted to pop on and say thanks. You’re so right about it being both fleshly and spiritual at the same time…maybe those hormones or whatever bring on the darkness. We didn’t do anything to deserve that…but then there is that moment when the voice says “I could fight it if I wanted to, with the Sword of the Spirit.” I’m not a victim, but I’m not helpless either. I can feel the sin bubbling up when I just want to give up the fight and be miserable. It’s a little scary when we start to feel like the emotions are stronger than anything else, but He still invites us to keep fighting.

  2. So powerful! I have had to remind myself of this verse A LOT lately and this post is so timely!! The battle is NOT against each other, but is a spiritual battle. I’m so thankful you posted this!!

  3. Thanks Natasha for this article……. it is me and I’m in it right now…. Our LORD just started using scripture, devotionals and people like you to show me who I am in HIM….. I will also start praying to surrender my will…. I thank HIM so for the incredible gift of life that I can live for HIM….. thanks again for following HIM in your writings, Michele

  4. I think one of the hardest thing in depression is remembering that God is there for us and He has equipped us. So thankful for His love and your reminders.

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