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  1. Thank you for the encouragement and the resources. I really enjoy using Seeds Family Worship’s CDs to memorize scripture. When you buy the actual CD they send you two copies so you have one to give away. You also can listen to their songs on their website for free.

  2. Hi Natasha!
    God has been so busy this week… I’m just checking in with you now. 🙂 I LOVED how you said, “memorizing scripture increases the Holy Spirit’s vocabulary in your life”. Thanks sister! ~ Blessings out, Amy

  3. I’m the world’s worst Scripture memorizer, Natasha. I can paraphrase many, but word-for-word memorize few. I really like the idea of Scripture Typer but can’t find a good time to make it a regular part of my routine. Thanks for your encouragement in this area.

  4. Great post, Natasha. My kids are in college now, but we STILL remember the Steve Green songs! I’m a visual learner, so what helps me is to carry 3×5 index cards with the verse broken down in phrases. And if I can hum a tune with it, that’s even better!

    I’m with Symmanntha about faltering with the chapter and verse, but I’m convinced that’s a scheme of the enemy to discourage us! God isn’t going to give us a final exam and “grade us” based on any of that!! I’m going to memorize the Word and trust Him to help me find the reference 🙂

    1. Great point, Susan, He certainly isn’t going to “grade” us on our memory work. It really, truly is about learning to know His voice.

      Love the idea of index cards!!

  5. Love this encouragement and urging to memorize scripture. I am going to start Romans 8, too, I think. A while back I’d started to memorize Colossians because my pastors children were doing it, but I never finished past chapter 1. Maybe knowing that its taking you that long helps me feel better about continuing 🙂
    During courtship I memorized psalm 25 and clung to that through the uncertainty and the girlish temptations to “own” him. You are right – it brings us so close to Him when we cling to His words instead of our own…Thank you so much for the reminder and the guidance to keep on.

    1. Love the idea of memorizing Psalm 25…. 🙂

  6. I pray over this verse and ask God to bring to my mind the verse I will need: But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (John 14:26 KJV) I can’t always tell you what the number of the verse is, but I can remember most of the words.

    1. Oh, I’m terrible with quoting references but I can usually find the verse I want in my Bible… which must count for something, eh? 🙂

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