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  1. Thank you. This is perfect and very helpful.

    “Instead of saying, ‘Hey, God, do love her more than me?’ I should be saying, ‘Oh, Abba, show me Your glory.'”

    I suppose this truth is how we can rejoice with those who rejoice. For we all rejoice together in the glory and goodness of God made manifest.

  2. Julie Roggie says:

    Yes, such a great reminder to keep our focus on the Lord, to trust Him, seek His face and bring Him glory. We so often get sidetracked with our own desires and forget Who our lives should be pointing to.

    1. Maybe He did love Peter more. It wasn’t based on merit. I don’t think we can really know whether or not He loves some more than others, and the question we have to ask is our we ok with serving A God that possibly does play Favorites? Regardless, Peter was crucified anyway so eventually his luck ran out. John the disciple who Jesus loved was the only one not martyred .

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