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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    Hi Natasha,

    I absolutely love this post. What a cool story you’ll have to share with others for years to come! As for me regarding praying out loud: I almost always pray silently as I work around the house, or as I’m walking in the different stores in town as I pick out my purchases. I almost never pray out loud! The only times I do is when I pray for the blessing on the dinner with my folks, or if I’m with a friend and we say a quick prayer for our lunch, but praying out loud is mostly hard for me. The time I really had to learn to pray out loud was in the spring of 2012. I had just been asked to be a Children’s Leader in Bible Study Fellowship. One of the things I heard was, “We always pray out loud during prayer time in the Leaders Circle, and we get on our knees to pray” The getting on our knees part sounded very neat to me, but the praying out loud…..GULP! After the first time of Leaders Meeting and me not praying out loud, our main Teaching Leader came to me and told me that it was important to pray aloud, that I would need to do it as a Children’s Leader, so might as well start right away. My first prayer aloud, I stumbled all over the board! I was nervous and my heart was pounding in my ears. September of 2012 when Bible Study Fellowship started for the year, and I was actually teaching, I found myself gradually feeling more and more comfortable with praying out loud as I prayed over the infants and toddlers whom I taught that year. By the time I stepped down from Leadership the spring of 2013, praying out loud became pretty natural for me. I don’t pray as I did when I was a Children’s Leader, aloud for all to hear, but it doesn’t sound nearly as overwhelming to me now. I still prefer to pray in my heart, but if I was needed to pray the other way, I would be fine with it. I thought it was cool that your daughter could sense that you were upset a few days later, and she came down, laid her hands on you and prayed over you the way you had prayed over her and her brother. What a cool thing, even though Carl had horrible dementia, that he could still pray and he know who his Heavenly Father was! That is amazing that Carl prayed over you for two and a half hours! Let me just say….Amazing! I’m glad you were able to give Curt and Delite some rest. I’m sure that was more meaningful to them than anything else you could have done for them. Yay that Carl is now in heaven where he knows who everyone is again! I had a friend who just graduated to heaven a couple weeks ago as well. Perhaps he and Carl have met by now:-)
    Thank you so much for sharing this, Natasha! I love your blog posts and they give me so much inspiration!

  2. Such a sweet and powerful lesson, Tasha! I grew up in a home where we only prayed memorized prayers, so it took me a while to grow into “ad-libbing” to God and much longer to feel comfortable doing it out loud. Now praying out loud is a growing part of my relationship with Him, and it blesses those within hearing distance. I love reading about the lessons you are learning as a mama. You are definitely wise in your mothering; I believe a big part of that is because you are humble in receiving help and guidance and even correction when needed. God bless you!

  3. Oh man, this was so beautiful and convicting to me. My husband is great at praying out loud and spontaneously but I tend to pray in my mind. Carl’s example and the way the Holy Spirit used it when you were struggling makes me realize I need to get over any discomfort or fears about praying aloud!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. so precious, thanks for sharing the hard moments and the beautiful moments. and the ones that manage to be hard and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for always pointing to Jesus!

  5. Beautiful – and such a wonderful lesson to share with the rest of us!

  6. Carol Christman says:

    Thank you Natasha…this is SO beautiful!!

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